About Cusi

About Cusi

Ancient travellers looked upon stars to navigate their journey and guide them at night. Among the twinkling stars are some spectacular ones, we name them Cusi. Legend has it that Cusi manifested themselves as animals and came to the earth. They have become ambassadors that help pass on the precious heritages and cultural values as well as bringing happiness and fortune to all living things on earth. Their stories begin here...


Ruzi Bull

The Ruzi Bull, created by the famous Chinese scholar Lu Xun, symbolizes diligence and loyalty to live up meritorious principles. As Shaoxing is Lu Xun’s native place, Ruzi Bull becomes an emblem of Shaoxing people.


Sacred Fox

Sacred Fox, a mystic being originated from China, is also known as “Celestial Spirit”.  It was most respected in the Qin and Han dynasties and considered as an auspicious sign.  It also symbolizes benevolence and wisdom.  With its huge magical power, it is believed that it can drive away evil spirit and bring luck to the households in the Yangtze River Delta cities.


Hui Camel

“Hui Camels” symbolize Anhui merchants, known for their diligence, hardworking and honesty. They travel across Europe and Asia continents through deserts, high mountains, confronting extreme weather and sandstorm without fear and complaint.


Short-tailed Monkey

Short-tailed Monkeys reside in the mountains mainly in Anhui Province, China. They are sociable and energetic, an icon of the magical Yellow Mountain.


Noble Rabbit

Noble Rabbit is a mascot in Beijing, regarded as a deity that will bring fortune and protection to Beijing people.


Tibetan Antelope

Tibetan Antelopes live on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Their swiftness and streamline outlook are pleasing and harmonious with their environment. They are regarded as a symbol of peace on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.


Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs reside in the Tibetan highlands. They are huge in size, ferocious, loyal and trustworthy. They are regarded as a sacred animal in the mountains.


Bactrian Camel

Bactrian Camels have two humps rather than the single hump of their Arabian relatives. They are known for their hardworking, persistence and mild character, highly adaptable in the desert and harsh environment. They are a symbol of gentle and hard working beings. Bactrian camels are regarded as “ships of the desert”.



Yaks live on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. They are strong and robust, diligent and timid in temper. They symbolize persistence, hardworking and humbleness. They are regarded as totem of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.


Snow Leopard

Snow Leopards live in the snowy mountains of Western China, particularly around the Heavenly Mountain in Xinjiang. They like to live alone like a hermit: strong, mystical and highly respected